Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sample Sunday: The Villain Cometh

In this Sample Sunday, I feature the introduction of the villain "The Ticker" to our hero Angela from my novella TICKER. Of course, how you do this in a "real time" thriller is important since every action has a direct effect on what happens next. In this case, the villain isn't what he seems.

Forty One

The police officer walks over to Angela.
She looks at him.
It hasn’t registered yet.
The young woman looks down at the body.
She looks over at the bag with the bomb attached to her wrist.
The young woman looks at her watch.
11:19 AM
Still more than enough time for the police to remove the bomb from her.
But will the police believe her?
After all, she is the one who started this.
The hold-up.
The hostage situation.
“I was kidnapped.” Angela tells the office.
“They strapped a bomb to my arm.” She pleas. “It will go off in forty minutes.”
The police officer lifts his weapon up at her.
“I didn’t do any of this!” Angela says.
No answer.
The police officer steps back.
“I have a bomb attached to me.” Angela says lifting the bag up as evidence.
He steps back to the hallway.

“Please don’t leave me here!” Angela screams.
The police office looks outside into the hallway.
“Please help me!” Angela pleas.
The police officer looks back at her.
“You are in big trouble.” The police officer says in a very familiar voice.
The same voice from the hotel room.

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